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The Macedonian Esport Federation is nonprofit organization responsible for all the esport competitions and tournaments.

Our goal is to promote and to get the esport officialized by the Government. MESF organizes national esport leagues and qualification tournaments for world and european championships.

The Federation currently has 7 permanent clubs as founding members and more than 120 teams participating in tournaments. Officially registered in 2009, we are the oldest esports organization in the region.

We are part of the international competitions since 2005. Until now we have taken part in 11 international championships, bearing the flag of Macedonia.



Our Team

Boban Totovski


Esport is sport! Starting in 2002 actively working for promotion of esports in Macedonia as an official sport.

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Dragan Arsovski

Vice President

I'm maybe the only one who isn’t a gamer in the federation but I believe in what I see, the competitive spirit and the dedication of the gamers.

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Kiril Trajkov

Secretary General

To be working in the esports ecosystem it’s not at all easy, but it’s a job filled with beauties.

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Igor Nedeski

Head of Events and Board Member

Gaming and Esports can be successfully used as guidance for the youth.

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Ilija Iliev

Board Member

Esports tournament organizer and promoter, founder of the gaming center Level and the president of the Organization of electronic sport Level from Strumica.

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Jovan Kalanoski

Board Member

As a professional gamer and team leader, I believe in our mission.

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Boban Simoski

Board Member

My whole life I am surrounded by gamers and I always help the teams to have better training conditions.

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Antonija Blazevski

Board Member

Fan of the esport games and over 25 years present on the Macedonian esport scene.

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Jamin Skenderi

Board Member

The games are meaningful part of my life and I am always here to contribute toward the gaming development.

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Bojan Angelovski

public relations

For someone communicating with people, directly or through media is hard and demanding. For me, its a pleasure.

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Simona Ivanovska

Players Comission

Psychologist with gaming aspirations.

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Ivana Lazarevikj


When we talk about gaming, I find nothing hard.

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Davor Nedelkovski

Lead Caster

Full stack gamer whole my life, I play all the games and I love them too.

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