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What is esport?

Esports is the combination of Electronic and Sports which means using electronic devices as a platform for competitive activities. It is facilitated by electronic systems, unmanned vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicle, robot, simulation, VR, AR and any other electronic platforms.

Global sport with the most viewers ever

Fastest growing sports in the world. 2 billion are aware of esports, 220 million are somehow engaged.

Amateur and professional segment

Great opportunity for the amateurs to go pro and to start competing in tournaments with prize pools over 20 million dollars big.

The esport is big!

More video games are played globally, than traditional sports altogether.

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Our mission

Establish esports as a true sport is our prime objective. Create standards for tournaments, procedures for becoming a professional esports athlete, forming educational options and generating employment possibilities for esports enthusiast. Promote our country internationally and take a leadership role in the region.


12 world Championships, over 10.000 players, more than 50 local tournaments and awarded more than 30.000 EUR in prize money.


Official National Esports League since 2016, according to the Law for Sports. Each club fulfills the criteria for affiliation and so does the federation.


Active member of the 3 largest international organizations in the world, IESF, EEF and WESCO.


Under the guidance of IESF, we are establishing an Educational program and referee training courses. Scholarships will be available for our members.


MESF is nonprofit organization and it is in constant need of volunteers who are the basic link in the chain in the development of the organization. With volunteering in MESF, the candidates will gain these skills:

organization of esport tournaments
admin league
communication skills
international experience
Certificate for official esport referee
Техничка поддршка
Администативна поддршка

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