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EBL - a regional league with 120,000 euros prize pool

EBL - a regional league with 120,000 euros prize pool
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EBL - a regional league with 120,000 euros prize pool

Fortuna Esports officially presented the establishment of the first fully professional esport league in South East Europe, in cooperation with the United Media Group, whose prize money for the 2017/2018 season is € 120,000, which is the biggest prize ever in this region.
Esport Balkan League will bring together the best teams in the region and video games of the League of Legends and CS: GO, which will receive direct calls to participate in the league. Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Greece will have their representatives in the form of teams and organizations, and from the second season they will have open qualifications so that everyone who shows up Successful enough to participate in the LoL and CS: GO league.

The regular part of the season will consist of seven rounds, where each team will play against each match, and the four best-placed teams will ensure placement in the playoffs that will be held in the LAN, in attractive locations, where everyone will be able to Live watch the best local esport teams in the fight for the champion title of the region.

For now, Fortuna has announced an approximate time for the three seasons of the CS: GO league and three seasons of the LoL competition.

This is an extremely important step for the development of professional gaming in the Balkans, which will enable young talented players to focus on esport, and esport organizations to expand the base of fans throughout the region, and to make new contacts outside of their own country.

"United Media by joining Fortune Esports with our regional group, had the idea to support the creation of high-quality esport content that would bring young global teams, players and the audience closer to competitive gaming. A step forward in achieving a common idea in creating a healthy and professional environment is the formation of the largest regional League, which will provide all participants and viewers with a superb experience of esport in this region, "said United Media Group CEO Aleksandra Subotić.

"After the three seasons of the Fortuna Championship Series League, but also the success of other national leagues in the Balkans, we decided to take a big step forward and set up the first professional esport league in the Balkans. From the very beginning of the EBL league, the League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and later other games that have the potential.

We want to offer teams, players, as well as spectators and companies that support esports and gaming, a much higher level and perspective that all major world and European countries have. Our goal is to become part of the world and the European league, and to promote the best professional players and teams from our region, "said director of Fortuna Esports, Mihajlo Jovanovic-Jaril.



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